Organisation and Management of Emergency Response Centers (ERC)

The focus in this research area is on the organization and management of work and work routines in the Emergency Response Centre (ERC). The research questions are focused on how the primary ERC work process is organized and in what way police, fire department, and medical services operate collectively in the ERC. This focus on multidisciplinary collaboration in the ERC is central to this project. From a theoretical perspective we focus on aspects of routines, cross-boundary coordination, and learning.

Our Team

Kees Boersma Jeroen Wolbers Peter Groenewegen






Liminal Surveillance. An ethnographic control room study during a local event

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Negotiating the Trading Zone. Creating a shared information infrastructure in the Dutch Safety Sector

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The information management of co-located Emergency Response Rooms in the Netherlands

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Meldkamers in actie

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Emergency Response Rooms in Action: an ethnographic case-study in Amsterdam

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ICT to Facilitate Emergency Response in The Netherlands

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Implementing C2000 in the Dutch police region ‘Hollands-Midden’

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