JCCM Call for Papers

The Smart Governance team has published a call for papers for the Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management titled “The citizen in disasters: Organizing for emergence?”. Call Summary To date it remains unclear how citizen-based disaster response can be more effectively mobilized by formal response authorities, or how these bottom-up efforts can generate sustainable relief solutions (Majchrzak et al., 2007). This special issue is aimed at exploring such … Continue reading JCCM Call for Papers

Smart Governance Seminar & PhD Defense Jeroen Wolbers

We cordially invite you to our Smart Governance seminar ‘Coordination and Boundaries in Crisis Management’ on Thursday January 7th, in the VU Main Building, room Agora 1. The seminar is organized by the Smart Disaster Governance research group based at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Three international experts, professor David Allen, professor Paul Carlile and professor John Lammers, will reflect on the workshop theme based on … Continue reading Smart Governance Seminar & PhD Defense Jeroen Wolbers